Reasons Why You Need Monitored Security In Your Home

A monitored security system is a system that is actively monitored by a professional security company. These systems proactively protect your home by notifying security teams and, in some instances, emergency responders when they detect a break-in or fire. The great thing about company monitored security systems is that they are installed and managed by the security company you hire, and that means that you do not have to worry about controlling the system even when you are not at home (though consider getting a system that also allows you to control it from anywhere).

Monitored security systems normally include things like motion detectors, glass-break sensors, fire and smoke detectors, cameras, silent alarms, and sirens to scare off intruders. While different monitored systems operate differently, they are usually set up to notify a security company’s call center when anyone enters your premises while the system is active. If the alarm is not turned off within a few minutes, most security companies will usually call you to make sure that it was not set off accidentally. If you are not at home when you receive this call or do not answer, the company notifies the police who dispatch a team to check things out.

Benefits of Having A Monitored Security System

Peace of Mind

One of the main reasons you should consider getting a monitored security system is to have peace of mind. With a professional security system in place, you can rest easy knowing that your family and belonging are safe from intruders.

Crime Deterrence

Having a professional security system installed is one of the best ways of deterring home invasions and burglaries. Systems with sirens that go off when unauthorized persons try to gain entry into your home forcefully can scare off would be thieves and burglars, reducing their chances of accomplishing their mission as most don’t want to get caught.

Panic Situations

A lot of modern security systems now come equipped with panic buttons that work even when the system is not engaged. Panic buttons offer added protection in emergency cases when you cannot reach your phone to contact the proper authorities. When pressed, they silently notify the security company that you are in distress and need help urgently.

Round the Clock Protection

A monitored security system is the best option for you if you are a person who travels a lot and is usually away from home for extended periods. Once you turn on the system, your home is monitored 24-hours a day by the security company managing the system. In the event, a break-in occurs, or there’s a problem in your home, the company will notify both you and the relevant authorities to ensure the issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

Fire Protection

Most, if not all, of today’s monitored security systems, come with fire detection capabilities, and that is a plus. In the event a fire breaks out, the system notifies your security company’s monitoring station which in turn notifies the proper authorities. Early fire detection will significantly reduce damage to your home. Most importantly, it will get help to family members and pets in the house and cannot call for help or are not aware of the impending danger.

A majority of security systems will also offer helpful warnings. For instance, if you’ve left a window or door open, you’ll not be able to arm the system when leaving the house; making it hard to ever leave your home vulnerable.

Comparing Home Security Systems Vs Smart Home Systems

Modern day technology has enabled people to develop smart homes that make their lives easier. However, you cannot have everything in a smart home, and it is essential to make a decision on what compromise you are willing to take. One important decision you will have to make is to balance convenience and security. All the packages you will get in the market will lean heavily towards one side even if the marketers try to convince you that they contain elements of the two sides. Making a choice can be hard if you do not understand what each side entails and this article will look into some details of both sides to help you know which one suits you better. Read on;

Home Security Systems Explained

These are systems that are aimed at keeping your home safe. This is their topmost priority, and they might not have all the fancy features you expect. They allow for professional surveillance and immediate response in case you sound an alarm. They are sold as full kits that contain various components working together. The most important part of any system is the central control unit that coordinates all the various components. Advanced systems come with a battery or uninterrupted power supply unit to keep your home safe even if there is a power outage.

Other vital components include motion sensors that detect any movement in and outside your home when turned on. Window and door sensors are also essential to detect any entry through these points. While most providers won’t include a surveillance camera as part of the kit, you can have it installed and keep an eye on the areas around your house all the time.

The last thing to consider when buying home security systems is monitoring. You can do it or hire a professional to do it.

Smart Home Systems Explained

Smart home systems can be defined as the jack of all trades with no specific bias towards security. They are meant to make your life convenient by offering an array of cool features. These features are mainly aimed at bringing coordination, automation and device interaction in your home. A smart home system is not limited to anything and includes things such as intelligent bulbs, locks, switches, digital assistants, plugs and thermostats among others. Most of them have additional security features even though this is not their main priority. These systems can be controlled through a mobile app or text message commands based on their underlying technology.

Picking the Best DIY Platform

One advantage of these systems is that they are very flexible. You can always get systems that have an array of features to choose from based on what you can afford and your needs. Security should be a priority for you and even if you pick the smart home systems, ensure that they have a couple of important security features such as the door sensors, motion sensors, and outdoor surveillance cameras. This way, you will enjoy the cool features of the smart system knowing that your home is safe from intruders who might come and disrupt your peace.

Home Services That Can Be Hacked

There are various security features you can add to your home to protect your loved ones and most cherished assets such as CCTV surveillance cameras. However, what most people fail to understand is that the same security features can compromise your home safety. Today, most burglars use technology to gain access not only to your home but also to other devices that can be controlled remotely.

Home Services That Are Easily Hacked
  1. Cable And Internet

Cable and internet can easily be hacked either by a neighbor or by anyone who is within close range. When this happens, you will end up paying more money for internet service that you did not use. Because of this reason, it is important that you make sure that your cable and internet access are properly secured. The best way to do this is to encrypt the two channels with a strong password.

  1. Home Automation And Security Systems. Home automation and security systems can also be hacked by burglars if the systems were not installed properly. When hackers gain access to your home security systems, they can easily disarm the security alarm and break into your house without setting off any alert. Because of this reason, make sure that the security and home automation systems are installed by a trained expert.
  2. Streaming Services

Streaming services such as Netflix, give people an opportunity to access entertainment around the clock. However, hackers may try to access your account so that they can retrieve your credentials such as username and password. Once they have acquired such details, they can use this information to try and access other accounts that you frequently use for online services. Furthermore, it is advisable that you do not share your account details with anyone.

  1. WiFi Connection

Another home service that is vulnerable to hackers is the wifi connection. Most homeowners are known to have wifi connectivity in their homes, which allow you to access the internet using portable devices such as smartphones and laptops. However, if your wireless connection is not secure, then you might end up losing crucial information to hackers.


These are some of the home services that can easily be hacked. However, by acknowledging such factors, you will be able to take proper security measure when looking for any kind of home services. Moreover, make sure that the technicians you hire for home services are trustworthy and have a good reputation before they can engage in any kind of installation process.

How To Secure Your Home During A Power Outage

Aging infrastructure, frequent extreme weather, and a growing population are some of the typically cited causes for power outages or electric grid failure. If you live in a part of America that hasn’t experienced power failures in the recent past and believe that things will continue to be the same, then think again.

A power outage could happen anywhere and at any time, and what should concern you is that it creates an opportunity for robbers and burglars to invade your home, even if there’s a security system in place. Considering that a power outage could also mean no internet and no mobile, chances are you will be on your own left to your own defenses.

While power outages aren’t daily occurrences, it’s advisable that you still prepare for them. Here are some tips on how to make your family, valuable and home safe from burglars in the event an unforeseen power outage hits.

Create an Emergency Power Outage Plan

When disaster strikes, you’d be better off if you have an emergency survival plan. Your plan should include having at least one power source alternate and should take care of basics like stocking up food supplies, water, extra clothing and bedding, flashlights, emergency kits, and other essential things. Having these supplies handy is the first line of defense against an extended power outage.

Keep Different Light Sources Handy

Dark houses are open invitations for burglars. They provide the perfect cover and leave your home susceptible to break-ins since darkness is a dead giveaway that the property’s security system is down. Therefore, make sure that you have several light source alternatives like long-burning candles, emergency lights, a backup generator or battery/oil operated lanterns stored in easily accessible parts of your home where everyone is aware of.

Install Non-Electronic Defenses Around Your Home

To keep intruders from breaking your windows and doors, consider setting up extra precautionary measures that don’t rely on electricity. For instance, you could install door chains that limit how far your doors can open. Also, consider installing deadbolts on all your windows and doors for extra protection. It is advisable that you do not leave sharp gardening equipment lying around your lawn as they may be used as weapons against you should an intruder gain access.

Ask Your Home Security System Provider About Your Options In The Event An Unexpected Power Outage Hits

To stay on top of things during power outages, it’d be wise to stay informed concerning the security equipment you have around your home. Consider asking your security provider questions regarding how your home security system works in case of a power outage. Find out if the system’s operation is dependent on a wireless or a landline network. If it solely relies on internet services, then that means that it could stop working until power is restored. Therefore, consider asking for advice on what you can do to secure your home, and if they have other ways you can reach them.

Be Careful with Generators

If you have a standby generator, it is vital that you follow the proper precautions. Placing a generator indoors is extremely dangerous as it emissions could harm you and your family. At the same time, it’s advisable that you follow installation, use and maintenance instructions to avoid electrocution or damaging the system. It is essential that you place your generator somewhere safe and where you can easily access like in an outdoor shed in your backyard.

Following these tips during a power outage will help you and your family survive through a severe power outage in safety and comfort.

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