crocodile recaptured after escaping from film set

A 15 foot Nile crocodile that escaped from the set of a feature film called "The Hatching" has been recaptured much to the relief of the film's producers.

Nigel Wooll, 84, speaking on behalf of Sabre Films, told the press today that he was very grateful to local ferret breeder Tom Chedzoy for trapping the reptile in his grandmother's cottage and 'that on no account should the crocodile be approached as they are very dangerous animals indeed'.

Apparently Gracie Edzoy, 92, had phoned her grandson when she heard her dog Snuffy barking incessantly. Tom Chedzoy said that at first he didn't believe his grandmother when she told him that there was a huge crocodile in her sitting room. Sadly, when Snuffy was found, it was just her head. Tom and Gracie have both been invited to the premiere by Chantelle De Carvalho, another of Sabre Film's producers. Strode theatre being a likely venue.

This is not the first time that Gracie has hit the headlines. In 1954 Gracie and her sister Madge were reported missing and claimed that they had been abducted by aliens.

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