"The Hatching" is an independent British film intended for worldwide theatrical release. The film is fully developed and near completion of Principal Photography.

The film is a Dark Comedy/ Horror set in the Somerset Levels and tells the story of Tim Webber, a teenager at boarding school, and his friends Baghi and Nick, who decide one night on a dare to sneak out of their dormitory and steal crocodile eggs from a nearby zoo.

Things take a tragic turn when the plan backfires and Nick ends up being killed by a crocodile. The police on the scene catch Tim and he is expelled from school while taking the rap for Baghi.

Fifteen years later, on the death of his father, Tim returns home to Somerset, accompanied by his girlfriend Lucy to run the family stone masonry. But there is a sinister undercurrent to the idyllic village setting that seems to harbour a dark secret. People have been disappearing, and it all seems to be centred around the old Sabre Stone Quarry...